We offer a FITNESS ONLY membership for ALL athletes looking for a space that meets all their strength and conditioning needs. We also offer a CAGES + FITNESS membership for our baseball and softball athletes that want access to BOTH the cages and the fitness floor.

The short answer is NO. If you are accessing the fitness floor ONLY, you can purchase a day pass. If you wish to access the cages ONLY, you can purchase a-la-carte cage time or a package of cage rentals.

The FITNESS ONLY membership offers the athlete 20% off our retail and merchandise, 10% off fitness classes along with 1 complimentary InBody assessment and 1 complimentary guest pass per month.

The CAGES + FITNESS membership is best suited for the baseball and softball athlete who wishes to BOTH strength train and access the cages. The membership offers 20% off retail and merchandise; 10% off fitness classes, sports technology rentals and a-la-carte cage rentals along with 1 complimentary guest pass per month and a complimentary futures app subscription. Note: we offer various cage rental options depending on the membership selected.

We do offer hitting lessons for both baseball and softball athletes. To book a baseball hitting lesson, please visit our website to make an appointment online. To schedule a softball hitting lesson, please call the club at 424-248-0980 to be connected with one of our former D1 softball staff members.

Yes. Athletes are able to bring their own coaches and athletic trainers to the facility.

The Swing Assessment is administered by our staff using the latest in baseball/softball technology: Blast Motion, K-Vest and Rapsodo. The wearable sensors are attached to the athlete, the metrics are collected, and a swing profile is generated outlining strengths and deficiencies along with recommended drills to address the specific mechanics.

We allow reservations to be scheduled up to 3 days in advance for individuals via our online platform. Teams are able to schedule up to 7 days in advance and should contact the club to schedule accordingly.

Coaches interested in bringing their team into the facility should contact the staff to discuss arrangements.

ALL coaches and athletic trainers are welcome to use our club free of charge as long as the athlete they are actively training has purchased one of our services. If a coach or trainer wishes to access the facility and is NOT actively training a client, they MUST purchase a day pass or have a membership.

Athletes under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by a parent, guardian or coach at ALL TIMES.

The directory is a subscription-based service that allows a coach or athletic trainer to promote their business to our members.