Hitting & Speed Training Clinic

Hosted by:Tyger Pederson - Asst. Hitting Coordinator Seattle MarinersViron Wildy - Nike Sparq Certified Speed Trainer

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Advanced Semi-Private Training

75-minute session designed to help athletes achieve peak performance

Learn how to:

    • Program for your sport
    • Structure your workouts
    • Stimulate muscle growth
    • Identify & target specific muscle groups
    • Incorporate explosive movements
    • Work out safely & effectively

Ages 16+
Space is limited to 4 athletes


Instruction provided by former collegiate softball athletes:

  • Desiree Moreno (LMU)
  • Aaliyah Jordan (UCLA)
  • Aris Metcalfe (SDSU)

Tuesday, March 12
Ages: 7-18
Space is limited to 15 athletes


A comprehensive exercise program designed to promote functional movement

  • 3 Circuits
    • Strength
    • Plyometrics
    • Cardio & Agility
  • Post Workout
    • Stretch & Foam Rolling

Ages: 10+
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Space limited to 9 athletes

Introduction to the Weight Room

75-minute session designed to help athletes transition safely to the weight room

Learn how to:

    • Navigate the fitness floor
    • Operate the exercise equipment
    • Select the correct exercise
    • Proper mechanics
    • Exercise safely
    • Gym etiquette

Ages: 13+
Mondays & Wednesdays

Space limited to 6 athletes


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30-minute instructional session utilizing the latest training metrics and tools;

  • Blast Motion
  • K-Vest
  • Driveline Baseball

Instruction provided by former collegiate softball athletes:

  • Desiree Moreno (LMU)
  • Aaliyah Jordan (UCLA)
  • Aris Metcalfe (SDSU)

Ages: 7-18


Exercise program designed to:

  • Optimize On-field Performance
  • Build Strength
  • Promote Mobility & Agility

Coed: Ages 10-13
(Monday, 6p-7:15p)

Girls: Ages 10-13
(Tuesday, 6p-7:15p)

Coed: Ages 14-18
(Wednesday, 6p-7:15p)

Girls: Ages 14-18
(Thursday, 6p-7:15p)


Swing analysis administered by our staff of certified pros utilizing:

  • Blast Motion
  • K-Vest
  • Rapsodo

Comprehensive swing profile report generated from the collected metrics.

Serving ALL our athletes in the surroundingWest Los Angeles communities

2020 Stoner Avenue, West Los Angeles, CA 90025


4,000+ square feet of state-of-the-art fitness equipment from Hammer Strength, Rogue Fitness, and FreeMotion. All equipment has been carefully selected to meet the demands of an athlete. Complimentary fitness programming consultation for members and teams upon request. Additionally, we offer the following classes for athletes of all ages and fitness levels: Small Group Training (SGT), Introduction to the Weight Room, and Advanced Strength Training for the serious athlete.


Fun social atmosphere where athletes can gather to share stories, relax, and play an assortment of games including corn hole, bocci ball, ladder toss and a giant connect 4. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to bond with their teammates and student-athletes from neighboring schools.


Take advantage of our designated outdoor high tops ideal for reading, preparing for an exam, or catching up on the latest assignment. We even offer an assortment of healthy snacks and beverages to keep your athlete’s brain fueled and focused.


2 outdoor cages suited for soft toss, overhead toss, and tee drills along with 2 indoor cages outfitted with Hack Attack (baseball) and JugsBP3 (softball) velo machines, pitching mounds or mats, and state-of-the-art sports technology from Blast Motion, K-Vest, and Rapsodo. We also offer baseball and softball lessons and clinics. Keep an eye out for upcoming clinic announcements.

Sports Technology

In a world of emerging sports technology, PCAC believes that all athletes and coaches should have access to the latest in data metrics. It is our mission to provide our local talent with an environment where they can develop, thrive, and excel.

Rapsodo Logo

Rapsodo 3.0

Designed to capture data from the mound and the plate, PRO 3.0 provides pro-level hitting and pitching data all in one robust and portable device. Seamlessly track hitters and pitchers with pinpoint accuracy and precision like never before.

K Motion Logo


K-Vest measures the kinematic sequence of a player along with tracking body positions at various point of the swing. It highlights positions and rotational velocities at heel strike, first move, and contact. With these metrics, we are able to measure the sequence, rotational speed, and pinpoint a hitter’s body position in space.

Blast Motion Logo

Blast Motion

The better your swing timing, power, and efficiency, the better you will control where and how far you hit the ball. Blast Baseball captures video highlights of your swings, combines them with sensor-based swing metrics, helps you assess your swing, and provides drills for improvement.

Futures App

With The Futures App you have access to the unique training and tips from our Profession Players. Our Players are passionate about providing access to quality and easy to follow lessons, specialized workouts, coaching tools, and other resources.


10% Discount with membership. See membership for more details.

  • Easton
  • Miken
  • Worth
Marucci Sports
  • Victus
  • Lizard Skins
  • Hypervolt
  • Venom
  • Vyper
Blast Motion
  • Blast Baseball - Swing Analyzer
  • Blast Softball - Swing Analyzer

Everything you need under one roof.

Pacific Coast Athletic Club is the premier sports training facility serving ALL athletes in the surrounding West Los Angeles communities. PCAC is a 10,000 square foot space with 4,000+ square feet of fitness equipment, two indoor batting cages, and two outdoor cages, the latest technology in data analytics along with all your baseball and softball retail needs.

PCAC was designed to be a one-stop shop for the athlete, the coach, the athletic trainer, and the overworked parent. We created an environment where an athlete can maximize their training, a coach can access previously allusive resources to better develop their players, an athletic trainer can program with fitness equipment selected to meet the demands of an athlete, and the overworked parent can stop driving the streets of Los Angeles and just relax.

Welcome to Pacific Coast Athletic Club!


Includes SGT, Intro to the weight room and Advanced ST


Aaliyah J.


Aaliyah Jordan attended UCLA from 2017-2023, where she achieved notable success including being a 2-time NFCA First Team All-American, Pac-12 Freshman of the Year, Pac-12 Batting Champion, and a member of the 2019 National Championship team. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology and a minor, followed by a Master's in Education - Transformative Coaching and Leadership.

Aris M.


Aris, a native of LA, transitioned from being a multi-sport athlete to focusing solely on softball during her later high school years. After walking on to the San Diego State softball team, she earned a starting spot in the outfield, received athletic scholarships, and now pursues her passion for youth and sports through internships and coaching. She is excited to be part of the Pacific Coast team!

Desiree M.


Desiree graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2021, transferring there in 2018 after two years at Delaware State University. Following her graduation from LMU, she worked for the LA Dodgers from 2021-2023. Passionate about sports, she supports athletes through hard work, having played under notable coaches like Amber Jackson and Sami Strinz-Ward during her collegiate career.

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Sports Performance & Physical Therapy

We are Movement and Sports Performance Specialists, helping everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors returning from injury, maximize their health, and assisting athletes in improving their performance in their sport.

There are no cookie-cutter approaches or generic rehab protocols at Quantum Performance. We work one-on-one with you, combining cutting-edge technology and a holistic approach of various techniques and rehab schools of thought backed by up-to-date research to deliver a highly personalized and effective plan to help you recover and return to performing your best.

At Quantum Performance, we provide you with the guidance and insight you need to find the source of your injury or drop in performance. Through our testing and assessments, we can identify specific and effective interventions to not only ensure you can perform but also reduce the likelihood of injury.

Come and see how our WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCE COACHES have helped countless athletes in the NBA, EPL, MLS, NFL, and many other professional leagues recover from injury and perform at their best.

To learn more about Quantum visit https://www.quantumperformance.co/

Chloe Maleski

Mental Performance

I’m a Mental Performance Coach that helps athletes grow into the best versions of themselves and optimize their performance in a sustainable way.

Through visualization, mindfulness, stress management, and cognitive behavioral performance I help athletes foster all parts of themselves to enhance not only their athletic performance but their overall well-being and lives!

Why am I so passionate about this?

I was a collegiate distance runner at Duke University with an underwhelming career while there.

Since graduating I continued to train, compete, and study all the aspects to figure out what happened.

I did this by gaining my Masters in Clinical Psychology,  graduating from Primal Health Coach Institute (to learn about nutrition), and becoming a certified personal trainer. All of these parts of my education helped bridge the gap of the connection between wellness and performance and the importance of mind-body connection when performing at an elite level.

I have since PR’d and had a better athletic career post-college after putting all of these puzzle pieces together.

Now I would love to help you GROW into the best athlete and person you can possibly be!

Leah Tsui


Leah Tsui, MS, RDN, LDN (she/her) is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and owner of Limitless Nutrition, her virtual private practice based in Los Angeles, CA, US. Health has always been at the forefront of her career, and helping athletes has been her driving passion. Leah graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology, with an emphasis on Nutrition and Metabolism from the University of Southern California. She went on to earn her Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition from Drexel University, and completed the 1200-hour ACEND®-accredited supervised practice program at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Los Angeles.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, she works with folks at all levels of athleticism (professional, collegiate, and recreational) to improve their relationship with food, body, and movement. Leah uses a weight-inclusive, anti-diet approach, and works towards enhancing clients’ experiences with food and nutrition to be fun, pleasurable, and satisfying. Limitless Nutrition offers 1:1 counseling, webinars, and the No Limits Coaching Group (an in-person nutrition coaching group that embraces Intuitive Eating and performance nutrition). In 2021, Leah became a CF-L1 coach at her local gym, Amp Association in Santa Monica. She loves to bring performance nutrition into the workout setting, focusing away from calories burned and more towards finding joy in movement. For fun, Leah loves to cook, read novels, travel, and has run in several relay races from LA to Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and San Diego.

To learn more about Leah and Limitless Nutrition, visit https://limitlessnutrition.org/.


Swing analysis and instruction utilizing Blast Motion and K-Vest technology. Includes Cage Rental, Motion Sensors and Driveline Training Tools.

Eric Mirich

Eric, a husband and father of three boys in Santa Monica, California, is a former baseball athlete with a deep passion for the sport. Originally from Indiana, he grew up in a healthcare-oriented family and excelled in baseball, achieving accolades at various levels. After high school, Eric pursued degrees in biology and Hospital Administration. He gained professional experience at Mass General Hospital and in the entertainment industry before becoming a general manager at Bay Club in El Segundo. Inspired by his love for fitness and baseball, Eric founded Pacific Coast Baseball + Athletic Club, aiming to provide comprehensive training and technology for aspiring athletes.


  • Blast Motion
  • K-Vest Baseball
  • Rapsodo
  • Driveline Hitting - in progress

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